There are generally two ways to get a mortgage in Canada: From a bank or from a licensed mortgage professional.

While a bank only offers mortgages to customers that have impeccable credit and verifiable income, we at Dominion Lending are a little different. If you have equity in your home there is no reason for you to be declined any longer. Steve Gilmour at Dominion Lending specializes in placing those harder to place mortgages due to credit and income restraints. Whether you are facing a current foreclosure or power of sale, we can get you approved. Whether you are struggling with credit issues or showing a lack of income, we can get you approved. We at Dominion Lending believe there is a mortgage product for everyone. Please call us and let us show you the best product that fits your particular situation. Stop the daily worry of financial burdens and collection calls as we offer SAME DAY APPROVALS. One call to Steve Gilmour at Dominion Lending could change your situation and get your life back on track. Why not make the call?

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